#Exclusive: Divya Drishti actress, Shrashti Maheshwari opens up on her indifferent character

– By Pranil Tailor.

Today, supernatural shows are reaching higher TRP numbers and content creators are trying their best to bring different concepts and eye gauging shows for the audience. Star Plus’ Divya Drishti is a story of two sisters- Drishti and Divya who possess supernatural powers of seeing the future and changing the future respectively. The show is reaching several households and has been appreciated really well. We got in touch with actress Shrashti Maheshwari who is currently playing the character of Simran in the Sana Sayyad and Nyra Banerjee starrer show.

Here are the Excerpts from a small conversation that we had with her:

Can you tell us something about your character?

My character’s name in the show is Simran. Me and my sister in the show are called Mithai Sisters. The best way to define them is with the phrase “Happy go Lucky”. Hume show mai name mila hai ‘Mithai Girls’ because hum bahut hi zyada sweet hai. Simran is addicted to her phone and as well as the social media and the hashtag culture. But at the same time she is beautiful and likes to be classy and trendy. Usko pata hai usko kab kya pehna hai and it should be like outstanding.

How much do you relate to your character?

I can surely relate to my character, 50% if you want me to put it in numbers. I related to Simran because I am alot like her. I like being happy and making everyone happy around me.

You’re playing a 21st century girl, who is addicted to hash tags, can you describe your real life in 5 hash tags?

Ok, so this is not difficult these day, Agar aapne yeh mujhse show ke pehle pucha hota to shayad mere liye bahut hi zyada difficult tha. But if I had to explain myself in 5 or more hashtags, it will be: #beautiful #blogger #styleblogger #colourlover #jollynature #bubblygirl #lover #dreamygirl #smilingbeauty.

How does supernatural as a genre excite you? And will we get to see you with supernatural powers in the show?

Supernatural power and magic has always been a very interesting genre for me. I remember even as a child I used to wait to watch Shaktimaan every Sunday and getting to play a character in “Divya Drishti” it’s like a dream come true. I’m watching all the episodes again because I want to see ki isme magic Hua hai toh kya Hua hai…

How did Divya Drishti happen to you?

Divya Drishti happened to me when I tested for the pilot of this show few years back. It didn’t work out then but the casting team and the production team was in constant touch with me. So when eventually the show happened they thought of me to be a part of it.

How is it working with such an ensemble cast?

Everyone is lovely and amazing but I share a great bond with two of my co-stars, Vaishnavi ma’am and Imraan sir. Vaishnavi Ma’am is like a mother figure to me, a teacher and a guiding light. She’s always very caring and loving towards me. Whereas Imran Sir and I share a very different bond altogether. We’re like the best buddies on the set and I share more of a partner in crime sort of a bond with him. We’re always having fun and planning pranks. He’s also helped me instigate my inner theatre actor which was lost somewhere for more than 6 years. Before starting my television career I had been doing theatre for 6-7 years and after TV it all kind of faded away. With Imran Sir, I get to relive those days. We practice reading of some theatre scripts to enhance our skills and at the same time have fun. I’m lucky and honoured to work with such a great cast.

Any other projects apart from the show?

I have somethings lined up and some on the loop. I can’t talk much about it now but I have my fingers crossed and let’s just hope for the best.

Lastly, a message for all our readers?

In the end I’d just like to communicate this with everyone reading this that one should be thankful for what they have achieved and focus on what they want to achieve and work hard towards it. If you do, you can be and achieve what you’ve always wanted.

Wishing, this budding bunch of talent immense luck and success.