Diwali 2017 Special: 10 amazing rangoli designs

Planning to make rangolis for Diwali this year? Here are 10 beautiful designs to inspire you.

Rangoli is a very popular folk art, wherein people make colourful designs on the floors of the house. The word ‘rangoli’ comes from the Sankrit word ‘rangavalli’ and several variations of the it are popularly done during festivities such as Diwali in north India, and Onam and Pongal in southern India. Considered auspicious, rangolis serve as a welcoming gesture to the gods. Known as Kolam in Tamil Nadu, Ossa in Orissa and Alpona in West Bengal, and many other names depending on the state, these designs have religious implications as well.

There are plethora of designs available on social media. From traditional to trendy one, you can pick any of them. If you don’t have enough patience to make complex designs, so for the simple one. From Hindu deities to geometric patterns and floral designs, you just have to be creative and play with ideas during making rangoli.While sand or rice flour rangolis can be really messy, flower rangolis are comparatively easy and elegant. Here are some rangoli designs you can take inspiration from, this Diwali:

Happy Diwali 2017!