Diwali Special 2017 : Maharashtrian Faral Snacks for Festive Celebrations this year

Diwali festival is one of the biggest festival in the country. Diwali will be celebrate on 19th October this year. Diwali is the festival which is celeberated by everyone every year with full festive spirit. Diwali celebrates the homecoming of Lord Ram after defeating the demon king Ravana. In diwali, people decorate their houses and with different multi-coloured rangolis, and lighting the walls and is not only makes for a pretty visual but also symbolizes the ultimate triumph of good over evil. Highlights of Diwali food is the breakfast of Faral, consisting of both savoury and sweet snacks. Diwali sweets such as Kaju Katli and Soan Papdi and chunky dry fruits are adding up the sweetness in our relations. These Diwali snacks are really easy to make and will leave everyone impressed and make your day too.

What does Faral mean?

Maharashtrians begin their round of feasting on Choti Diwali itself. This day is also celebrated as ‘Narak-Chaturdashi’. This year the Narak Chaturdashi falls on 18th October 2017. On this day, Lord Krishna killed the demon king Narakasura. This kareet is symbolic of Narakasura and the act of slaying him. Some also believe this signifies the lesson of tasting something bitter in life before attaining the sweet rewards. It is only after this ritual that the families proceed towards their round of festive feasting.

In India, Faral is a different types of snacks which is relished during the Diwali celebrations. And in festival celeberation guest who drop in at home and even shared by neighbours friends. As tradionally snacks are made at home, but today in this busy schedule, people really not find much time to make, thus they go and pick their favorite from the stores. Their are various types of snacks like, ladoos, the crescent-shaped karanjis, flaky ghee soaked shankarpale, crunchy chivda or poha and hot chaklis. The faral which are made is to variety  snacks to distribute the guest and friends and neighbours too. 

Most of these snacks are popular all through the year, but during Diwali they are made all at once in huge amounts to devour at any given instant.This Diwali make some faral of your own and serve the relatives. 

 Here is the most popular faral delicacies that you must try this festival season.

1.Chivda :

This dish which we  can’t stop munching on this quick and crunchy snack of fried rice flake or chivda.

2. Chakli : 

This festive have, this crispy snack made of rice flour is not only crispy, delicious and easy but also cracking to look at.

3. Shankarpali :

Shankarpali is one of the most popular Maharashtrian snacks and is traditionally enjoyed during festivals. And it is made in two different taste one is salty and second is in sugar. The taste of both are delicious and also crispy to eat.

4. Rava Laddoo : 

Laddoo is the main sweet part of the festival as well celeberation to make complete in India.

5. Karanji : 

The Karanji is the part of the festival, but Karanj is Maharashtrian heart would take an instant leap of joy.

6. Bhakarwadi : 

This is the famous gujarti snack bhakarwadi. Its delicious taste of sweet and spicy snack made your day.

The season to binging and feasting is here! Make popular snacks and give in to the festive flavour.