Yes, jumping male spiders do flirt with female spiders. “North America” show on discovery channel.

I watched few episodes of North America on Discovery channel couple of weeks back… I really found it interesting when I was puzzled ” Do jumping male spiders flirt??? Finally, I got the answer, yes!! they do, For a Male jumping spider flirting with the female spider is a dangerous game, if he fails, she will stab him with her poisons fangs. Before he gets any closer to her, he had to impress her with his dance moves… But female spider was playing hard to get… But he was not ready to give up at all.  Finally, it was time to make his move, he was all set ready to put in all his efforts for the best show to convince her… For his grand finale he sings her a song (making a pretty loud hissing noise by rubbing bristles on its legs together called stridulation, it can be loud enough to be heard up to 15 feet away) I know spiders don’t have ears but she could feel his vibrations buzzing through her veins and she slowly started getting mesmerized… Male gets down to his business… Finally, he escaped with his life and the female was left with dozens of babies…

I really found it very informative and interesting… But what do you feel about it???