“Drawing is something that really keeps me calm and focussed,” Erica Fernandes

Actress Erica Fernandes seems to really be bringing out all of her hidden talents and expertise during this home quarantine phase.

The actress who recently brought out her inner chef by revealing a photo of herself cooking up some deliciously looking khatti dal and aloo methi ki sabzi, has now also showcased her lovely artistic talents with a beautiful drawing solely made by her.

Speaking about her love for drawing and desiging as well, Erica shares,”I am someone who loves doing productive stuff in my free time. Be it cooking, learning something new or even drawing and designing, it has to be something that awakens my creative side. Drawing is something that really keeps me calm and focussed and also enables good hand movement. I just love sitting and doodling anything thats on my mind at that time! And using pencils and sketch pens always reminds me of the stationary that I would use as a child, so I love engaging in this activity even more! What I have drawn today is a maze, which is very relevant to our situation at hand. We are all currently in the midst of this hazy maze, but will definitely be free from it soon.”