Oscar winning actor Eddie Redmayne is Caitlyn Jenner's fan now.
Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne is Caitlyn Jenner’s fan now.

Eddie Redmayne is Caitlyn Jenner’s fan now.

Eddie Redmayne, who will soon be seen essaying the role of a transgender in The Danish Girl, is all praises for Caitlyn Jenner.

The 33-year-old actor plays Lili Elbe, the first transgender woman who goes through the first s*x reassignment surgery. Redmayne appreciated and praised reality TV star Jenner for her using her status to “highlight” the problems faced by transgender people.

The Oscar-winning star said in an interview with The Telegraph that the discussion around the identity of transgender men and women should continue. He also stressed on the importance of using the correct pronouns for transgender people.

“It’s so important that Caitlyn is described with the pronoun ‘she’,” the actor said, “I find myself occasionally making mistakes, but when you meet trans men and women, you realise how upsetting that is, because they were born a gender and it just happened to not be this one that they were assigned.”

The Theory Of Everything star continued and appreciated all that the I Am Cait star has been doing for transgender people.

He further said that the 66-year-old reality star, whose transition is a very unique and specific one, has used her status to highlight some of the serious problems that transgender men and women have to go through, adding that her show has made everyone “educate” themselves on things like terminology.

Eddie Redmayne has high chances of being nominated for an Oscar in 2016 for the second time.He had earlier clinched the Best Actor Oscar in 2015 for The Theory Of Everything.