#Exclusive: Actor Mantra Mugdh caught candid

An entertainer at core, actor Mantra Mugdh has always proved his menace by being the all-rounder. From an RJ to an actor, doing reality shows or films; he never fails entertaining the audience. While in this quarantine, we thought of throwing our rapid fire questions at him and seems like he has caught them perfect.

Take a read here:

Favourite Cuisine

Go to time passer

Ideal holiday destination

One material thing you can’t live without
What they find in Amsterdam

An adjective that describes you

Favorite social media app

Sugar coated or straight forward
Sugar coated… No art in straight forward

Obsessive lover or giving you space lover
Space giver not Spaced out

Sweets or spices
Spices… More variety

If you were to be someone else for a day who would you want to be?
The Queen of England