#Exclusive: Actor Vatsal Sheth reveals why he’d want to be an animal for a day, if given a chance…

Versatile actor Vatsal Sheth has always entertained the audience with his powerful screen presence. The actor keeps no stone unturned when it comes to picking an appropriate character and delivering his role. Amidst this quarantine, as promised we are here with yet another rapid fire segment and this time with the much loved actor, Vatsal Sheth.

Let’s have a read at what he has in store here:

Favourite Cuisine

Go to time passer
It will be watching tv or reading a book

Ideal holiday destination
It would be any destination which has great beaches

One material thing you can’t live without
At the moment it will be my phone because it’s just not a phone it’s like a computer, contact book, notes, it has my photographs. Everything is there.

An adjective that describes you
It would be boring

Favorite social media app
At the moment it’s Instagram

Sugar coated or straight forward
Sugar coated because even if you ask for a straight forward answer, nobody gives you that.

Obsessive lover or giving you space lover
I beleive in giving space.

Sweets or spices
Sweets but it’s spices for sometime.

If you were to be someone else for a day who would you want to be?
I would like to be an animal for a day to understand what the others animals have to say about humans

Quite interesting!