#Exclusive: Actress Kratika Sengar reveals her go-to time passer!

Popular actress Kratika Sengar has always garnered accolades for her strong performances in her shows. The actress is also known for her witty side, which is quite visible on her social media. She is also known to take strong stands and also her sarcasm speaks well. In this quarantine, we care for our readers and as promised we have our special quarantine rapid fire feature, and this time with our very favourite Kratika.

So let’s take a look what the actress has to say:

Favourite Cuisine

Go to time passer
Spending time with my dogs

Ideal holiday destination

One material thing you can’t live without

An adjective that describes you

Favorite social media app

Sugar coated or straight forward
Straight Forward

Obsessive lover or giving you space lover
Somewhere in between

Sweets or spices

If you were to be someone else for a day who would you want to be?
In a world where people ain’t themselves why would I wanna be someone.

Well, Kratika never fails to mesmerise us! Quiet on point and interesting answers, must say.