#Exclusive: Influencer Soumya Gupta gets candid on World Social Media Day

Social Media and it’s boon to the society is not hidden. Today, everything is digital and amidst the bane, people are using it for the good too. Popular Social Media Influencer and YouTuber, Soumya Gupta recently got in touch with us for an interview. As we celebrate World Social Media Day, we had some wonderful insights from the rising star on several spheres of social media.

Take a look at it here:

Social media is everything today, did you ever feel the scope for it would be so vast when you initially started your journey?

Honestly no not at all! I just started it for fun and I just used to share my ideas and my interest in fashion & beauty. But eventually I realised that social media does more good than harm in retrospect and its really really helpful for all the content creators out there to showcase their creativity and talent.

What newer trends do you see coming in the social media sphere?

VIDEOS! Both long-form and short-form videos! Because videos are the best way to show your thoughts, skills, vibes!

Social media these days have become unavoidable. The benefits as well as repercussions are inevitable. What’s your take on keeping oneself detoxed from the ills of the social media?

Well I stand that! Social media can harm your inner peace a little bit but I think that depends on you and your attitude towards social media.
Always Remember that social media is social. So one should never be too much addicted to it. And if someone feels like that social media is killing their inner peace-Take a mental health break by stepping away from social media for a while.

Quick social media fame is hard to digest. What do you have to say on it?

I think that’s one of the amazing attribute of social media! I personally don’t think it is hard to digest.

Where and how do you see the progression of social media in coming days?

It can be challenging to predict the future of social media as it’s a fast-changing environment but hopefully it will move towards a safer and more democratic place.

Well, that was quite informative and interesting too.