#Exclusive: International Model, Soham Chandwadkar talks about fitness, casting couch and more…

Modelling and acting are two poles of the entertainment industry and both are growing rapidly in today’s world. Newer talents are entering the industry and are taking no time to leave an impact on the audience. Recently, we got in touch with one such budding talent who has reached greater heights at such a young age. Soham Chandwadkar, not only a model and actor but also an engineer and pilot by profession has proved his menace by walking for the ramps of many popular labels like Ritu Berry and walked at some of the prestigious shows in India as well as abroad. He has been featured in some popular episodic shows too, including Emotional Atyachar.

Soham always gave an equal importance to his academics as well as his hobby and along with engineering he kept taking modelling as well as smaller acting assignments and made his way through. In his case, his mere hobby of performing helped him into a bright career.

Fitness plays a crucial part in mainstream modelling. Soham shared with us that he believes in maintaining a healthy diet and exercising daily to keep a fit body. “I am not someone who will have abs in future or anytime. For me staying healthy and fit is important. I don’t like junk food, so I am always away from it. But sometimes if I over eat I make sure I burn the extra fat by either walking or swimming. I gym regularly.”

Chandwadkar told us about casting couch in the industry, “There are such things happening but if someone is approaching you, with a clear mind just reject. It happened to me once but for me No meant No.”

On going bare and semi naked in modelling, Soham expresses, “If they have body for which they have worked out what’s wrong in showing it? They are confident and are getting paid for it. The world is changing and there’s nothing bad in it.”

He concludes advising the budding actors and models to keep a plan B ready in case if things don’t do their way and work hard for what they want to achieve. He also insists them to not leave their education.

In the next five years, Soham wants to be a pilot for emirates. We wish him immense luck and success ahead.

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