#Exclusive- Megha Ray: It was really an unexpected incident of me winning awards

Actress Megha Ray, who rose to fame with Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai also starring Shoaib Ali and Rohit Suchanti rose to fame with the show in no small time. The actress was highly appreciated for her work and grabbed several awards too. In a recent chat with us, the actress spoke about her experience doing the show to winning awards. Take a quick read here…

You have been a part of Dil yeh ziddi hai. How was experience?

Dil yeh Ziddi hai was my first show so it was a beautiful experience. It was not only an experience of success but also a learning experience. It was mesmerizing! I have received not only love from India but all parts of the world. Though it was my first break, I gained some kind of self confidence and made me feel that I can do something into the industry as I didn’t even know any one from the industry. Putting up all together it was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed it.

You have done various commercials as well. So what do you think is working for commercials easier than Television?

Yes, I have been part of various commercials but comparing commercials and television for me won’t be right, as shooting for commercials not only require less number of hours and efforts as they are short and quick but also the payments there differ. While television requires more number of hours to shoot. It is fun shooting for televisions as you experience every day like new beginnings.

You have not only won awards for favourite new content but also for favourite new couple. How was your time working with Shoaib Ali and Rohit Suchanti?

It was really an unexpected incident of me winning awards, as hardly it had been a month that the show had started. Receiving awards was a very encouraging act for me. People had not only loved my chemistry along with Rohit but also with Shoaib. Both of them are such versatile and experienced actors. They are very funny and supportive, due to which I was able to share a very great bond with both of them. Until I remember, there was hardly any dull day on the sets when these two were around. I really enjoyed my time with these two versatile actors.

Lastly, a message for your fans?

I would love to thank each and everyone from the bottom of my heart for sending so much love even after the show was over. I receive a lot of collages and Dm’s from the fan pages. Because of your love, support and motivation I can give back so much to you’ll. All the love that they send me means the world to me.

Wishing Megha much luck for all her future ventures.

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