#Exclusive- No exercise or diet are expensive: Actress Rupali Suri

-By Pranil Tailor.

Rupali Suri, winner of Gladrags Mega Model, is a model, host, anchor, theatre performer and an upcoming actress, popular for her stint as ‘Bubbly‘ in ‘HeroBhakti Hi Shakti Hain‘ as a young artist. She is also known for performing the lead in a crossover English movie that is currently doing the film festival circuit. She was also the official anchor for a series of IIFA Green carpets, including New York and Madrid. The young actress is a fitness freak and in a recent interview, she shared her fitness mantra.

Excerpts from the conversation that we had with her:

Are you a fitness freak?

I think fitness should be a part of life and living. And yeah I m fitness conscious for sure… It’s a part of my lifestyle.

What is the secret of your perfect fitness?

Fitness is a long association with ones self, where you understand your body, mind and soul. A fitness enthusiast will have a perfect coordination with ones self. So the secret is to be balanced and not over indulged.

What is your fitness schedule that helps to keep your body fit and

My day starts early in the morning at 7 AM with my Riyaz at dance (classical form), which involves cardio and strength. And then if time permits I hit the gym for exactly half an hour for muscle training. Or an alternative is I go for run by the bay to refresh and get some more cardio going.

Who is your fitness idol?

Me, myself… I self motivate myself!

According to you which is more important for you to remain fit. A Perfect
diet or daily exercise?

Fitness is combination of both. But diet does play an important role to fitness. ‘You are what you eat,’ and it’s true. What you eat either makes you or breaks you. Exercise will only work if you rightly and appropriately feed your body.

Is there any tip for fitness you would like to give to your fans?

If your work doesn’t permit you to exercise then try sticking to a healthy diet, which is based on a regional and productive activity. And remember, no exercise or diet are expensive. Choose what suits your pocket and suitability.

Rupali will be seen in Amazon Prime’s series ‘Inside Edge 2,’ which is produced by Farhan Akhtar featuring Richa Chadha and Vivek Oberoi among others.

Here’s wishing the much talented and a fit actress good luck.