#Exclusive: Quick chat with Anupama actor Madalsa aka Kavya

Star Plus’ Anupama starring Rupa Ganguly is making good buzz in the town and managed to garner good attention from the audience. Actress Madalsa is seeing playing Kavya in the show who is Vanraj’s colleague as well as his extra marital affair. Recently, we got in touch with the actress to know more about the show and her experience so far.

Take a quick read here:

You are doing a television daily soap for the first time so how do you manage a everyday life now?

Yes, that’s absolutely right. This is my first tv show and I pretty much knew from the start that work hours will be long and my schedule will be hectic, but I had decided to go guns blazing since I love my role and of course I had been waiting to work with Rajan Shahi sir. Whenever I get an off day, I spend it with my family which is something I absolutely love doing. I manage to strike a balance between home and work.

How has your experience been shooting along with this new normal?

Very different! Something I never knew, something I never imagined before. The new normal definitely made me very nervous, but when I went on set the first day of shoot, I felt so much at ease seeing all the precautions and safety measure had been conducted brilliantly. Right from temperatures being checked every now and then to the entire set and our makeup rooms being sanitized every two hours. Social distancing of course, masks at all time and a lot more. And above all each and every member of the crew understands the importance of these precautions and follows every rule sincerely. It’s different for sure, but something we have to get used to until things get back to normal.

You are playing a bold and empowered women in the show. How much do you personally think that it is necessary for Women to be empowered and on thier toes?

Well I personally feel it is important for Women to be mentally independent first, the rest will fall in place once that is taken cared of. Today, we all know the importance of self respect and dignity in our lives and we shouldn’t allow that to be taken for granted. Whether working or non working, to stand for what we feel is right, is the path that women today need to be on.

Tell me something about your character?

Kavya is a strong, self made ambitious girl. She believes in being treated well and given the respect and credit for her hard work, may it be her professional or personal life. She is a “real” character. She has various shades that will be revealed as per situations change for Kavya in the show. She is a positive soul. She’s spontaneous, an absolute no non sense person, sometimes vulnerable and much much more.

Lastly message for fans.

I’m extremely grateful to me fans for all the efforts they are making for me. It truly touches my heart. I want to thank each and everyone for liking my work and showering me with so much love. It makes me stronger and makes me want to get better and better. I love you all and I promise to entertain you more and more.

We wish her more luck and success ahead.