#Exclusive: Singer Pallavi Baberwal urges to add own flavours to remix songs

Remixing classic songs is one of the current trends in the entertainment industry. Several songs are remixed on regular basis and not all receive similar accolades from the audience. Recently, we went Instagram LIVE with singer Pallavi Baberwal. She is an Independent artist, a performer and a talented vocalist. Apart from working as a full time musician, she is also a clinical music therapist, helping in healing specially abled people through the power of music.

In a candid chat with us, the singer spoke about various facets of the industry and also the trends in the industry. And one such trend was that of the remixes. She said that every artist should try remixes as it enhances creativity but in the process the zest shouldn’t be missing and the artist should induce his own creativity too in the songs. Or else it tends to get spoilt and audiences do not appreciate it.

She stressed on adding one’s own flavours in order to beautify the song so that people love listening to it.

The beautiful artist is exclusively managed by Yours Eventfully.

Well, the singer surely has an eye for the art. We wish her immense luck for all her future endeavours.