#Exclusive: Social media sensation Aashna Hegde caught candid for rapid fire

Popular YouTuber, much loved Tik Tok star and a social media sensation, Aashna Hegde got into a quick rapid fire segment with Televisions World recently. The popular influencer is no less than a Bollywood star who knows how and what to present where.

Here’s what she had to say, take a look:

Favourite Cuisine

Go to time passer

Ideal holiday destination

One material thing you can’t live without
My Phone

An adjective that describes you

Favorite social media app
Instagram and YouTube

Sugar coated or straight forward
Sugar coated

Obsessive lover or giving you space lover
Giving space

Sweets or spices
Currently, sweets

If you were to be someone else for a day who would you want to be?
David Dobrik

Aashna has been featured in the hit song Call Waiting and even shared screen with Mika Singh for Gujarati film Gol Keri’s song, Soni Gujarat Ni.