#Exclusive: Tik Toker Manav Chhabra gets candid for rapid fire

Popular Tik Tok artist, a regular YouTuber and a digital sensation, Manav Chhabra aka Mr MNV has been people’s favourite since he rose to fame in the digital space. He has been featured in several music videos too. While we were roping in several artists for our rapid fire, we thought of getting this digital star too, on board.

Here’s what he has to say:

Favourite Cuisine

Go to time passer
Chilling with Damn Fam or reading books

Ideal holiday destination

One material thing you can’t live without
My mobile for sure

An adjective that describes you
Umm sweets and hardworking

Favorite social media app

Sugar coated or straight forward
Sugar coated

Obsessive lover or giving you space lover
All the space you want

Sweets or spices

If you were to be someone else for a day who would you want to be?
No one!

One comment

  1. Your favourite actor male