#Exclusive- Zuber K Khan: The disclosure of the drug angle in SSR’s case may affect the making of my film

Actor Zuber K Khan who is known for shows like Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, Naagin and Manmohini to name a few, has also marked his presence in the field of films. The much talented actor is currently preparing to portray the character of Sushant Singh Rajput in a biographical film by Shamik Malik, tentatively titled ‘Suicide or Muder.’ Recently, in a chat with us the actor spoke about his upcoming film and how the recent disclosure of the drug angle may affect the making of the film.

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You’re going to portray the character of Sushant in your upcoming film. How are you feeling about it?

I always wanted to work with Sushant. He was an inspiration for many including me. Unfortunately he is not with us anymore and with a very heavy heart I’m saying this. I’m very lucky and fortunate that today, I am able to showcase some parts of his life by my work to the world. It will be a tribute from one actor to a legend.

What was your reaction when you first received the script for the film?

After this sad news I really wished to see him once, but I couldn’t and I hate this COVID situation as only limited people could attend his funeral too. I was shattered and I thought that if ever I’ll get a chance to relive with him I’ll try to do that. And fortunately when I got this offer without even blinking and thinking twice I went forward and said yes. Because of this I am also able to show to the world a little glimpse of his precious life by my act. It will be my genuine tribute to the one from whom I have taken inspiration.

You have done not only modeling and television shows also but films. How has your experience been so far?

All are very different platforms. I have even done little theatre too. So all mediums are different, important and all the platforms in general teach you alot and also make you grow as a person. I have learnt a lot and gained confidence from the places that I have worked and also I have tried to absorb as much as I can form all the forms.

Do you think that there would be any changes in the film after the drug angle has come into picture?

Initially there was no drug angle but now the makers are planning to add a little bit of around 5 percent of it in the film. But the things which are already out would be shown by the makers.

Lastly, a message for fans?

I love them so much and thank each one of them for supporting and standing with me for the tribute to the legend. And yes, though I’m getting negative messages too for the film but I just want to tell them that I am not here trying to cash this topic for money or for my career. This is something I really want to do for him. I was preparing for some other film but as soon as I got this gem opportunity I have pushed all my dates and given my priority to this film. I have seen him, met him, as a person and my sentiments are too associated with him. I can only try to give him tribute by this fearless act of mine. I won’t try to be like him as no one can nor I’ll be ever. But by my work as I get an opportunity to show something to the world that what a gem personality he was, a charming boy with so much of energy and enthusiasm which can motivate others. I don’t want any kind of comparison but I want the support of all my friends and family to stand with me and give him love by my tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput the immortal legend.

We wish the actor good luck and success for all his upcoming ventures.