Fan love for Jason Shah

Fans have always meant a lot for actor Jason Shah, which is why he got very worried when he received a picture of a fan’s hand inked with his name. Talking about the incident, he says, “I was just going through my DM’s on Instagram and I saw that one of the fans had sent me this picture. When I saw it for the first time, I got a little scared because I thought it was written in blood. But then I scrolled down and I saw that she had written it with mehndi. I was like, ‘Thank God’. I was scared at first but I am happy that people are appreciating my work so much that they are going away from the character and are loving me as a person individually, so it feels good.”

The actor has had many crazy fan encounters in the past as well. “I remember I was in Dubai where an Indian girl was standing at the train platform and her train had arrived. She noticed me at that time and asked me, ‘Oh my god! Are you Jason?’ and she said it super loudly, so it was kind of embarrassing for me. She left her train and started taking selfies with me and then she got on my train and we spoke for a little bit. She said that she had seen me in Chandrashekhar Azaad and loves my Hindi and that it was amazing to see a white person doing so well on Indian TV,” he says.

The actor adds that the love of his fans has always motivated him to perform better. “It’s very cool to experience people’s love from all around the world, not only in India. They take that interest in your work and remember you. It’s always motivating when someone says nice things about your work you are motivated to keep working harder,” he says.

The actor, who is currently seen in the show Jhansi Ki Rani, says that he has been getting a lot of compliments for the show as well. “The best compliment for me is that my signature line in the show – ‘Ross is never wrong, Ross is always right’ – is being loved. People really get a kick out of it and I have got lots of good comments about it. It’s become like my tagline. Everyone on the set, from the makeup artist to the junior artists keep saying that line to me,” he says.