Farhn P. Zamma: Everybody will relate to The Holiday

Farhn P. Zamma’s brand new web series The Holiday is ready and we can’t keep calm! Here is what the producer has to say about the show.

What prompted you to come up with the idea of the web series The Holiday?

> We wanted to do a youth-based travel show and finally, we decided that what better story than four friends going on a holiday and also naming it Holiday. We wanted to do something international and on travel.

What is so unique about it?
> It’s a story about every friend you have grown up with. You meet your friends every day but then one day you decide to go on a holiday and spend time with them 24*7, that’s when you realize that sometimes friendship can be irritating also and sometimes they can be fun. It’s not like other stories with drama and spice added. It’s very natural and casual and anybody can relate to it.

How did you think of casting Priyank Sharma, Aashim Gulati, and Adah Sharma?
> We decided to cast for people who have done good work previously. Priyank Sharma in the series is a happy-go-lucky guy, fun-loving and whose life is just about his friends. He doesn’t think about the future, he is grown up yet not out of college. When we met Priyank for the first time, he really made us laugh and we thought he is the right for the role. With Adah Sharma, we wanted someone who is crazy inside yet a regular person outside. She made us realise that she’s a little crazy inside and normal outside. In Ashim’s case, we were looking for a hunk, he is playing a pilot in the show. He was doing a show and we weren’t sure if he will do the series or not but then he agreed. He is super talented and changed his entire look for the show. This is totally a brand new Ashim. Veer is also talented doing well on various series, he is a character where office going person can relate to. He is a normal character and nobody could have Kabir well.

You and your brother make a hit creative Jodi. Comment
> I don’t know, we fight a lot and every day every time we fight, we tell each other that this is the last time we are working together but fortunately we end up doing something new. I don’t know how far it is a hit jodi but we enjoy working together and until now we have worked together and have given a very good product to the market.

What are your expectations from the web series?
> 20 or 30 years, back when television was launched, it was an experiment, there were hundreds of channel coming in but only a few survived because of good content. The web is the same. We made Amma, which was a finite series, the content was good but the ratings weren’t good enough to survive so we realized certain stories have their own way of narration, those are the stories that won’t go on television but the web. It’s too early to say anything.

The youth flavor is quite prominently visible in teasers. What is the target segment of the web series according to you?
> There’s no other medium as big as the web, there can’t be one target medium. My mother watches web series but her genre is very different from what I make. There’s a kid in my building his genre is very different from a young man. The good thing is the reach is very high and every content gets its audience.

As a maker how much importance has been given to adult scenes/ abusive language?
> There are certain things in every story which are a requirement, which you do even if it doesn’t make sense. There is so much of exposure to such scenes but people are not looking for adult scenes they are looking out for content. If a story is leading to a kiss or a make out sequence or use of a particular language, it has to be there.

Do you feel there should be censorship in web series as well? Your take.

> People are coming to watch certain content, they are not coming to watch adultery or profanity. But at the same time, they want to watch the complete product. So, if we come to censorship, it will also cut out the creativity. But there has to be a limit. I feel that instead of a third party at the censor board deciding, the makers should be more responsible for shooting or conceptualising. It should not lead to something bad, not vulgar or provoke people to do something. It totally depends on the makers if they work responsibly then the government won’t bother but then if they misuse it, their window of creativity would go too.