“Feel the beat and soak the vibe; A tribute to the legend Allah Jilai Bai” a recreation of ‘Kesariya Balam’ by Sumit Sethi will surely give you goosebumps!

India’s most iconic DJ, Sumit Sethi, who is known for his popular hit numbers and fast-beat remixes, loves experimenting on different genres of music.

Sumit recently launched a Yoga-special music track on the 5th International Yoga Day.

The Sauve music soul has come up with yet another lovable rhythm for his fans. Recalling the great Indian vocalist Allah Jilai Bai, a cult Rajasthani singer who is famous especially for her folk songs, Kesariya Balam being one of them; Sumit has recreated the epic song with today’s flavour of music.

With his signature style, he blends the old Rajasthani lyrics with interesting tunes, which has made the recreation worthy of goosebumps.

Videographed by KayDee and presented by Bombay Voice, the music video starts in Sumit’s own voice & his composition , “Feel the beat and feel the vibe; A tribute to the legend Allah Jilai Bai, by Sumit Sethi” which depicts the depth of his soul & his love for music.

While today’s generation is inclined towards western music, especially pop, rock, rap, etc. Sumit’s effort to bring the old gems of Indian folk music, surely deserves love & appreciation.

Needless to say, Sumit, with his continuous out-of-the-box experiments with music, is lifting the bar of expectations each time.

Also, he was the music composer for the movie ‘Accidental Prime Minister’ and now his upcoming song will be Majnu Remix with Mika Singh Starring Shama Sikandar and Raai Lakshmi.

Youtube Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kjzx_R9k0I