#FitFriday: Actor Shagun takes the fitness challenge

Staying fit and being in the perfect shape has become the eye gauging factor in the entertainment industry. Actors and actresses take extra efforts on an everyday basis to keep up with their shoot schedules as well as their fitness regime. Actor Shagun who is currently showcasing his powerful performance in Zee TV’s Tujhse Hai Raabata underwent a strong transformation recently and the actor got himself clicked too.

Take a look at a few pictures below:

Uncanny to a modern day Taarzaan?

Everyone needs a mechanic like this, don’t they?

Colourful, bright with a pinch of aesthetic vibes. Oomph factor, isn’t it?

Violets suits Shagun well, isn’t it?

Shagun collaborated with budding photographer Sachin Kumar and experimented some different and quirky body shots with a blend of aesthetics in it.

We got in touch with Shagun, and asked him how did he go about with his transformation. To which he said, “I would like to qoute Arnold, ‘You cant climb the ladder of success with hands in your pocket.’ It was a consuming process daily 1.5 hr but having my team and expert coaches Irfan Rangrez and Imtiyaz Nazir by my side was a lot of support. Being low carbs water and sodium control with intense training takes a toll on you but the results were amazing.
As my coaches know how to train smarter and with efficiency.”

Shagun also shared what does fitness mean to him, “Fitness is a lifestyle. I have always been a active energetic kid and since early stage I have always been working out and cannot go a day without my workout. One day I miss my workout and I keep feeling guilty all day long.”

Shagun concluded, “12 hours shoot daily and then hardcore 1.5 hours of workout out at times tends to break you but going onn is the thing. You gotta think why you started.”

Well, we have all our hearts for these pictures and wish Shagun lots of luck ahead.

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