#FitTalks: Discussing some aspects of Fitness Industry

-By Pranil Tailor.

Today, most of the boys and girls are drooling over staying fit and valuing the importance of being healthy. Working out in the gym and cutting the calories in the kitchen has became a trend of this generation. Taking personal healthy seriously, several individuals have proved their menace by transforming themselves from fat to fit.

But amidst this flowery side of the fitness industry, there lies a dark side to it too. Which includes consumption of steroids, excessive supplements, over eating proteins and several types of diets; causing to serious injury and physical problems.

To learn some aspects of this industry, we connected to a few professionals and asked them the following questions,

1. What’s your take on using steroids in body building, which most of the builders and weight lifters resort to?

2. “Fitness Industry has become a business of money game.” What’s your take on this statement?

Let’s have a quick read to see what they have to say:

Atharva (Entrepreneur: Fit Food Company)

1. In my opinion, one shouldn’t resort or even think of taking any kind of steroids if he’s a beginner! It’s only after training and dieting for years that one should consider going for it as it can spoil the body real bad and can also prove to be fatal. You can transform your body completely without steroids no matter what’s your goal. It will just take more time and effort. But it’s always better and healthy. Steroids aren’t magic substances – they won’t transform the body in a day or without effort. You still have to diet and train as hard. Steroids are only necessary if a person is competing at a National or international level platform. And ONLY under the guidance of an expert or a coach.

2. To be very honest, fitness not a sport where in you can just jump in and earn good money. Whoever or I’d rather say – majority of the bodybuilders and fitness personalities are broke. That’s because this is an expensive sport and you have to stand out not just physically but also in terms of your personality. There are thousands of people with an amazing physique but not all of them do good financially. Although, fitness is now becoming more of a commercial sort of sport where most of the athletes endorse and scam people of fake products that don’t work at all. Especially guys who are on steroids and claim to be natural. That’s disgusting because that gives false hopes to young lads who don’t know anything about the sport. Genuine people are rare. But if one is genuine, and stand out from the crowd. There’s a ton of money that one can make in this industry. Won’t deny that

Abhay Pratap (IT Auditor)

1. I personally have never taken steroids in any form (pills or injections). But if you are a professional bodybuilder, powerlifter or strong man or thinking of going into this field; of course you have to take some sort of anabolic steroids or otherwise you can never be able to compete with those who take it. Other than that, if you are a normal 9-5 type of guy and looking for getting leaner and fitter you definitely need not to go down that road of steroids. It’s not worth the risk. Because in your case the risk will outweight the goodness. I have seen kids of around 17-18 age taking steroid and going on stage & some do it just for the perfect picture for their Instagram. It’s dangerous because if they have not done the cycle and PCT perfectly they can harm their body.

2. This statement is true. If you look at those health magazines you will see monstrous guys giving suggestions and promoting supplements and other brands to masses. Now the “promotion” trend has shifted to Instagram. Selling supplements because they get their share of profit from it. Even though if they are on some juice they can’t accept it publicly or else they will lose their credibility because people believe what they see. If they see a ripped guy selling some supplements they will sure jump on the hype train and buy from them.

Udit Kapur (Mechanical Engineer and currently pursuing Acting)

1. For bodybuilders it is their career and those guys know what they are doing, they have been lifting for years and years together and have proper knowledge about it. I feel for them resorting to steroids is perfectly fine but for a regular guy who is working out just to look good/ be fit, steroids is definitely not the way to go.

2. Well it sort of has and no one can particularly be blamed for it because people are working in this industry, making it their career! So obviously they will want to earn money for what they do. But as we all know exceptions are always there and because of frauds, who cheat people, get them into wrong habits, give them wrong information for their own benefits, this industry is sort of getting a bad name.

Vivek Kak (Actor, Fitness Model)

1. First of all I wont recommend anyone to use steroids these things are done only by professionals or bodybuilders for posing under fitness professionals with proper diet. I would suggest eat good with proper supplements and be dedicated whatever you do. Definitely one day you will see results.

2. I would say only one thing about it “If you can pay money to buy cigarettes and alcohol what stops you paying for fitness” in the end thats for your fitness and healthy life.

Well, where there is good, there is bad; where there are pros, there will be cons. It’s upon an individual how they’d want to carry out their tasks.

We heartily thank all professionals and wish them immense luck ahead.