Five Times The Farhn Zama’s Holiday Gave Us Major Friendship Goals

A great group of friends compensates for all the downs and misses in life. Lucky are those who find an abode in their friends. Ever since the trailer and the first episode of ‘The Holiday’ has dropped, we can’t stop reminiscence the precious moments spent with our friends. Here are five times ‘The Holiday’ produced by Farhn Zama (Salt Media Ltd.) gave us major friendship goals-

1. When the boys decide to become Mehak’s brides-men

Upon Mehak’s (Adah Sharma) refusal to go for her bachelorette due to lack of female friends, Patrick (Priyank Sharma) comes to the rescue proposing a bachelorette with her “bride squad”. This shows how true friends never let you have a dull moment.

2. Real friends are true blue wingmen and woman!

The trailer at a point shows the group of friends coaxing Armaan (Aashim Gulati) to break the shackles of singlehood as they in a teasing fashion, motivate him to score a girl while they are in a pub. This proves to show that true friends won’t let you die single!

3. Serial pranksters

True friends watch your back but sometimes trip you over just for fun too. Armaan (Aashim Gulati) in the first episode was seen giving a leg to Patrick (Priyank Sharma) resulting him to drown in the pool while the others have a fun sight to watch.

4. Jugaad all the way

Friends when together will always figure out something to mend their ways. Just like how in the trailer, the gang finds a cheap place to stay while their hotel booking bombs. There is always a way when there are so many wills in place and that is what true companionship is.

5. No Judgements!

One can be their quirkiest best with their favourite group of friends. There is no judging rather they hop onto imbecile of a bandwagon. One can live, laugh and be carefree to bring out their inner child with their friends like how Mehak and her friends seize each moment.

The Holiday is a roller coaster ride of a group of friends who embark on a journey and the madness that follows. Catch ‘The Holiday’ every Saturday, 7 pm on Zoom TV and The Zoom Studios’ YouTube channel!