Food beneficial for diabetics patients.

Food beneficial for diabetics patients.

Food beneficial for diabetics patients.

Diabetes is a very common problem nowadays, most of the people are affected by this disease. It’s a condition where a person don’t produce enough insulin to meet their body’s needs.

Insulin is important because it moves glucose, a simple sugar, into the body’s cells from the blood. It also has a number of other effects on metabolism. Usually , during diabetes the person feels very tired and experience severe weight loss despite normal or excessive food intake.

So, here are some food products, which you can include in your daily meal if your affected by this disease.This will help you to lower your blood sugar level, burn fat, reduce inflammation, and gain more health benefits.

1. Dark chocolate- dark chocolate significantly improves markers of insulin sensitivity. It can also decrease fasting insulin and glucose levels, as well as insulin and glucose responses to the glucose tolerance test.For the perfect dark chocolate which is most benefited for diabetes we should search for bars that contain 70 percent cocoa or more.

2. Broccoli– Broccoli contains loads of anti-inflammatory processes that improve blood sugar control and protect blood vessels from the cardiovascular damage that’s often a result of diabetes. Sulphorophane, a phytochemical that is found in large amounts in broccoli, can help. And it is not just beneficial for diabetes; there is some research that shows it may help fight colon cancer and breast cancer as well.

3. Fish– A fish-rich diet can also help you to reduce your risk of developing health problems, especially stroke, as a result of your diabetes. People who eat baked, broiled, or steamed fish reduced their odds for a stroke by 3 percent, as reported in a 2010 Emory University study.

4. Spinach and cabbage– A diet rich in leafy green vegetables like spinach and cabbage can help you to reduce the risk of diabetes by 14 per cent. This green vegetables is particularly rich in vitamin K, along with several minerals including magnesium, folate, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.

5. Turmeric- Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is the compound believed to regulate fat metabolism in the body. Curcumin acts directly on fat cells, pancreatic cells, kidney cells, and muscle cells, dampening inflammation and blocking the nefarious activities of cancer-causing tumor necrosis factor and interleukin-6. Experts believe the combined action of all of these factors together gives curcumin the power to reverse insulin resistance, high blood sugar and high cholesterol, and other symptoms linked to obesity.