From waking up for Sargi, to keeping the fast, here’s how these celebs plan on celebrating Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth will be observed on Wednesday (November 4). On this day, wives fast for the long life of their husbands and pray for their well-being. Quite recently, even husbands have started to keep the fast to support their wives. So, let’s see how these actors are going to celebrate this festival:

Pranitaa Pandit: I am excited about Karwa Chauth both on-screen and off-screen. This festival is very significant to a married woman and it is a day when all of us come together and pray and cherish how blessed we are. My husband and I keep the fast together. It is a lot of fun and we plan our day together. We don’t eat or have water, and then from evening onwards I get dressed and meet other people and we pray together. The most beautiful part is that we break the fast together. The best gift that my husband and I have given each other is our daughter Anysha, and that is something I am going to be celebrating this year. What I am going to get on Karwa Chauth is a surprise for me.

Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle: I have heard that a lot of people do Karwa Chauth before getting married too, but I started doing it after my marriage. I am from Gujarat and the people there don’t follow this festival, but I started doing it after my wedding and I was very excited in my first year. I didn’t know much about it then other than what I saw on-screen. I have been doing it for eleven years now. I feel every festival and fast has its importance, and our country is full of festivals. I feel since Valentine’s Day is not an Indian thing, Karwa Chauth is Valentine’s Day for married couples. I love all the rituals, and I enjoy preparing for it. Every Karwa Chauth my husband gets a surprise for me, so let’s see what it is this year.

Angad Hasija: I kept our first Karwa Chauth as a couple, after that I couldn’t. I always wake up with my wife for Sargi. I love Vermicelli kheer and I have that with her. Seeing my wife do this every year is always an overwhelming feeling for me. Imagine she doesn’t even sip water just for my long life. My wife doesn’t believe in materialistic stuff, so I make sure I always take an off on Karwa Chauth and be by her side. I will do the same this year too and will also get some beautiful roses for my lovely wife.

Ajay Singh Chaudhary: This year we will not be able to go out for dinner, so we will make something at home. My wife cooks well and I have learned to make desserts, so our dinner is sorted. I wake up early every year with my wife and help her with Sargi. Every year I give her something and I give her whatever she wants. But I like to surprise her too, and it’s still a surprise. Mostly, I try to keep the fast with my wife, and this year too I will keep it. I got to know about the festival through my mom. I believe in Karwa Chauth and it’s a great feeling to do something for each other. It also shows the dedication and care that we have for our relationship.

Savi Thakur: This will be our first Karwa Chauth and we both are excited about it. We haven’t planned anything yet, because I have been shooting continuously. I want to wake up early, but I know she will not let me because she feels that I should have a sound sleep and go for the shoot without any stress. I don’t think she will let me keep the fast too. I will try to make her happy and will ask my family about the rituals etc. because we are not aware of it. As far as gifts are concerned, I have something special planned for her. This festival is very important for me because I have grown up hearing about the stories of Karwa Chauth, so I am quite excited about it.

Vijayendra Kumeria: I will be home this time the whole day with my wife as I am not shooting for any projects, any meetings too will have to wait as I intend to spend the whole day with her. I do get up early for Sargi, the reason being I like to make sure that Preeti eats something and drinks a good amount of water before the fast begins. It’s going to be a traditional shagun, cash is the best gift. She can buy what she likes or save it. I do not keep fast as I become a cranky person if I do it. I have a lot of respect for all the ladies who do this festival. For me, Karwa Chauth signifies the strength, sacrifice, and love that women have within them. They do difficult things with ease. The traditional significance everyone knows.

Sharad Malhotra: This year for Karwa Chauth I intend to wake up early and help my wife with the Sargi rituals. Since, Karwa Chauth fasting is observed by the married women, from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of their husbands, it would be unfair if I don’t take the day off to be with her and that too without eating a morsel. A festival that my mother and sister, both have been religiously celebrating after they got married and now I see my wife participating with the same amount of zeal and passion. I would like to give her my time, love, and some nice pair of earrings, too that she could wear on the day itself.

Amit Sarin: What amazes me is to see that even after living here in LA for three years now, Vineesha still celebrates Karwa Chauth the same way when she was in India. She fasts, doesn’t have water, etc. I told her so many times that she doesn’t need to do this but she maintains to live and follow the tradition. No, I don’t fast as she does but this year I’m thinking of joining her to the same as what she does for me! The significance of believing in our traditions, values, and feelings behind it.

Aniruddh Dave: This is our fifth Karwa Chauth. My wife Shubhi has kept the fast once even before we got married. She is very particular about the rituals and festivals. I always wake up with her for the Sargi, and will do the same this year too. And I have a special something planned for her, hopefully, she will like it.

Arjun Bijlani: I have been married for many years and every year my wife keeps Karwa Chauth for my long and healthy life. I ensure that I am home on time on that day and spend time with her. She’s a stabilizing factor in my life. Karwa Chauth has been a traditional festival that is made in society for the well being of couples.

Kunal Thakkur: This is the first year that we are going to celebrate Karwa Chauth. I wouldn’t let my wife keep the fast all these years as I feel paranoid about her not eating and drinking water all day, but this time she is adamant. Yes, it’s just two of us at home so I will be waking up on behalf of my mom to help her out with Sargi. My wife gets happy with only one gift and that is travel, so I am going to book our next holiday for December. I will be refraining from food but I am not sure if I will be able to manage without water as I will be shooting then. My wife, Namrata is a TV writer and she has been writing her Karwa Chauth special episodes all these years, so she keeps telling me about the fascinating stories behind this festival like that of queen Veervati. I feel that all our festivals apart from having some religious significance have logical reasoning behind it, as I feel back in the day when a newly-married girl would feel left out in her new home, festivals like this would bond her with the other women of the family. I think Karwa Chauth is a festival that keeps the romance alive in a couple.