Fun galore on the sets of Dance Deewane season 2!

The stage of Dance Deewane is proving to be a powerhouse of talent and entertainment. This weekend, the deewangi will get double as the top 24 dance deewane’s from the three generations will be revealed in the Grand Premiere episode.

One performance that made every roll on the floor laughing was the act by the first generation contestants – Tweesha and Vihaan, as they performed on ‘Samundar mein nahake’. As a part of this act, Vihaan was a fish and Tweesha was a fisherwoman who was all set to make a fish fry on a big frying pan.

The judges Madhuri Dixit, Tushar Kalia, and Shashank Khaitan along with the special guest Govinda were in splits looking at this cute and funny act. Arjun Bijlani who later came on the stage joined the madness, but not very soon he was chased by Shashank Khaitan and Tushar Kalia for a prank. They pinned him down on the frying pan and started smacking him with a plastic bat as if they were making ‘Arjun Bijlani’s stir fry’.

It was truly a very joyful moment where the Madhuri Dixit and Govinda were delighted to see the camaraderie between Arjun Bijlani, Tushar Kalia and Shashank Khaitan.