Gaurav Gera on people in India not being matured enough to handle comedy

Be it a roast, comedy on screen or a web series, it doesn’t take much for the Indian audience to get offended and for an actor to be trolled. However, all this does not bother actor Gaurav Gera. “India is a huge country and with the diversity of culture and population, there are all types of people in our country . Some get offended but many smile too
Acting styles , film making style and storytelling styles have evolved .. comedy has evolved too. Also if we talk about platforms .. Now television/ films are not the only source of comedy , there are digital platforms too which have great comedy shows/ content , it’s a time to bloom for comedy.

We have English humour and then there is apna desi humour too, so let them get offended whoever gets and there are appreciators too,” he says. In India there’s audience to every kind of genre you will get Game of Thrones fan, you will get daily soap fans so there’s a market for everything

Meanwhile, the actor has created quite a stir with his characters Aadu , Billi Masi, Chutki Shopkeeper and other avatars on social media. Ask him why he didn’t do this on TV, and he says, “In Television I am hired only to act .. but in my videos I am the creator .. When I create a video, I am the scriptwriter, editor, camera person, makeup artist, the actor which i find more satisfying than only acting .The whole process of creating to executing is super fun.

The actor says that the process of working in TV wears him out. “Shows do well and it has been working and will be working forever I would have loved to take television but in TV deadline is the boss .. We still have last minute scripts and same day telecasts … people still work for really long hours , no offs on Saturday sundays I think my temperament might fit better into web series ,” he says