Gaurav Wadhwa of Rajan Shahi’s Baavle Utaavle unplugged!

What is the response you are getting for your character and the show?

I am really excited because people are loving Salman’s character a lot and I am a big Salman Khan fan so I feel good that I am playing the character of Salman Khan Sharma and people are loving it. I get a good feeling wearing that bracelet in my hand. My fans are commenting and messaging about how much they are loving my character so yes its a great feeling.

You have become leaner how and why?

Every time I used to see myself in my previous shows I used to feel that my cheeks are very chubby, so after Super Sisters and before Baavle Utaavle whatever time I had, I worked on myself and made myself look leaner. I lost 5 kgs and finally now when I see myself I feel good and better. So for my on screen presence I had to do and I am personally liking it.

Whom do you bond the most with on the set?

Sumit Arora ji who is playing the role of Buntu, I have developed a close bond with him as he is my room mate and he is like my elder brother and even Paras Arora is a good pal.We all have fun like brothers and even crack lame jokes.

You are doing comedy for the second time, so what do you have to say about the comedy scenario?

I am doing comedy for the second time. I had done super sisters which was also on Sab TV. So I somewhat knew about how comedy works. I am trying to say serious dialogues also in a funny way and thats my transformation. At the start I had only done shows of drama genre, let it be Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Thapki Pyar ki, etc. In Baavle Utaavle also we get serious dialogues but we improvise it and try to play with the scenes.

What is the best compliment you got so far for your character and show?

I have received many compliments for the show but the best compliment I got was from Bhavna Vyas ji who is the writer and creative as well, she told me that she always has a character named Salman in her show and for Baavle Utaavle I thought of Salman, you came in my mind. So thats good , that if she likes Salman Khan a lot and she gave me this chance to play Salman Khan, so its such a big compliment for me that makers of the show wanted me to play Salman.

Who is your favourite comedian and why?

I like Kapil Sharma and Sudesh Lehri ji, I am very big fan on them. Their comic timing is amazing. Even I try to do it in my RiMoRav blogs.