Godfather of Indian Jazz – Louis Banks would love to work with Parul Mishra after listening to her album “Streets of Banaras”

The Godfather of Jazz music in India talks about Parul Mishra’s recently released album “Streets of Banaras”. He says “I have just heard the album ” Streets of Banaras”. A collection of some really great songs, beautifully sung by Parul Mishra and with great arrangements, Especially done by Oni, with a bunch of really great musicians.

The arrangement of “Eri Aali Piya Bin” is a mix of modern and traditional texture, which is indeed a great combination.I always believe in the same that when you are doing a traditional song, do not leave out the traditions. It’s so beautiful to hear the modern texture of keyboard coming in, harmony on the solos, sarangi with with drums happening in the background, voice textures happening in the background, and yes the voice has been recorded beautifully.
I must say I’m really thrilled to hear her sing this piece of music. I think she is quite special, quite extra ordinary singer and I would love to work with her. I also would like to congratulate all the musicians – Shovon Mukherjee, Khwab D. Haria, Oni, Adil Rasheed, Kaushik Basu, Vanraj Shastri and Niranjan Lele for the wonderful work.”