Gold coins, silverware, utensils: Telly actors have their Dhanteras shopping list ready

As everyone celebrates Dhanteras, TV actors share their shopping plans for the festival this year.
Sneha Wagh:
I follow the ritual of buying gold on every Dhanteras, be it a gold coin or something small. It makes me feel good and positive, moreover girls like any form of shopping.

Aanand Goradia:

This Dhanteras also I will buy silver as it is considered Shagun. It can be anything from a coin, vessel to an idol. I have been following the ritual for many years.

Ankit Siwach:

Personally, I have never bought anything specifically for Dhanteras, but yes, I do call up my family and ask what they have bought. I share happiness and celebrate. I might buy something in gold this year, let’s see. This year is special as my show is starting as well.

Shashank Vyas:

I will be investing in some gold this year as gold has resale value as well. Gold is always considered auspicious.


Dhanteras is special for me because it means that Diwali is not far away now. As a kid, too, I used to get so excited. Maybe this year I will buy something for the house.