Gulshan Nain : I always wanted to become a cricketer, glad BCL gave me that chance 

It was his love for cricket that drove actor Gulshan Nain to be part of Anand Mishra and Ekta Kapoor’s ‘MTV BCL’. The actor says that he was always a big fan of playing cricket and used to play regularly during his school days. “Since childhood, I wanted to be a cricketer. Till class 10, I played serious cricket at the district level, but then because of studies, I had to leave it. I was glad that I got to play in BCL,” he says.

Cricket Virat Kohli has always been an inspiration for Gulshan. “I like Virat Kohli for his aggression, consistency, hard work and concentration.”

The actor played for Ahmedabad Express  in the tournament. “I was part of Ahmedabad express. In a way, the team chose me and the owners; Mrunal Jain, Nandish and Gaurav, gave me so much support and love. Now we all are like a family. They treat me like their younger brother. I will always be a part of this team only. We are doing great and are the best team in BCL,” he says.

He adds, “The team owners and my teammates treated me like a kid. They don’t give me any responsibilities and told me to play as I play and not to take any stress at all.“

Gulshan says that the team was only able to practice for a few days due to time constraints. “We just practised for a week this time as the team only got formed 10 days before the first match,” he says.

Although the actor doesn’t know Anand Mishra very well, he says it was nice working with him. “I have met Anand only at the time of the matches where we chatted a bit. He seems to be a very humble, positive and a genuine person,” he says.