Hair Products that can give amazing results!
Hair Products

Hair Products that can give amazing results!

Hair Products that can give amazing results!

Here are some of the most underrated hair products that you should definitely be using for your mane maintenance.

1. Vaseline-

Vaseline is not only great for moisturizing your skin and using as a highlighter on your cheekbones but it also helps tame frizz. Take a teeny amount and spread on your hands before swiping it across your hair after styling to prevent frizz and to tame flyaways. Make sure not to use too much though as it can cause greasiness and can be tough to wash out. It’s also great for locking in moisture and for massaging onto your scalp before shampooing to treat a dry, itchy scalp. While colouring your hair, apply Vaseline along your hairline to protect your skin against the harsh chemicals in the dye.

2. The Hair Donut-

Having a hair donut handy can really come to your rescue on a bad hair day when you don’t have too much time to spare. The donut bun is simple, quick and looks super cute for any occasion. Simply tie your hair up in a high ponytail, put the donut through it and slide it down to the base. Spread your hair over it and tuck in the ends around and underneath it.

3. Heat Protectant Sprays-

We already know that heat styling causes plenty of dryness, damage and split ends. If you’ve being blow drying, straightening or curling your locks without providing any heat protection for your strands than you’ve committed one of the biggest hair care sins. A heat protectant product not only helps retain moisture and tame frizz but also creates a protective layer between your strands and the heat making them essential while styling.

4. Baby Shampoo-

Baby Shampoos smell great and are free from all the harmful chemicals that most shampoos contain. They are not too harsh on your strands, won’t dry them out as much and won’t burn your eyes either.

5. Dry Shampoo-

Dry shampoo removes greasiness, brings volume, freshens up limp, dirty locks and leaves your hair smelling nice definitely garners it a spot on our dresser. It will always bail you out on a rushed up morning when you have no time to wash and style your hair or on one of those days when you’re just too lazy to bother.