Here’s why Sana Khan decided to go by Sana Makbul Khan

Actor Sana Makbul Khan is back on the small screen with a fiction show Vish, after a break of two years. The actor says that she wanted to wait for the right show to come along.

It was quite a comedy of errors for actor Sana Khan and Sana Makbul Khan as many people would confuse the latter for the former. Sana says she changed her name from Sana Khan to Sana Makbul Khan because of this. “When I was doing TV in 2014-15, I was Sana Khan and a lot of people knew me as Sana Khan. But then there are many Sana Khans. Down South, where I was working, there was one more Sana Khan. There was a lot of confusion happening and I used to get her calls and she would get my calls. So then just to clarify I started using Sana Makbul Khan. A lot of people still know me as Sana Khan till date but having said that a lot of people know me as Sana Makbul also, which is a relief,” she says.

Sharing an incident about the confusion, she says, “People would confuse me with actor Sana Khan, who featured in Bigg Boss. She debuted in TV and I used to get a lot of her calls because she and I both used Sana Khan at that time. Once, I received a call for was some event and they asked me if I was the same Sana who was in Bigg Boss. This used to happen a lot and I used to say no. Then I decided that I should change an alphabet or something so that people differentiate me and her. I was like let’s just use Makbul. Now I use Sana Makbul Khan