Here’s why Swaalina is extra pepped up

Actor Swaalina, who recently featured in the music video titled 3 Fire, has been loving the weather. The actor says that monsoon is her favourite season and she enjoys everything about it. “Who doesn’t like monsoon? And if there is someone who doesn’t , well , I don’t like them!” she laughs, adding, “Once it begins to rain, colors get brighter and the air freshens up. It’s a total filmy environment, it’s like all the romantic songs about rain come alive.”

Ask her what she enjoys the most about monsoon, and she says, “My most favourite thing to do in the monsoons is to take a book and read while I listen to the raindrops hitting the windows. It’s a stress-relieving therapy for me.”

She adds, “I think everyone celebrates monsoon in their own special way. I personally love to go for evening walks during the monsoon. I am a big foodie so this is my favourite time as I get to have samosas. Rainy days make everything so much better. Masala chai combined with the crispy samosas… it’s heavenly!”

Come rain, and Swaalina has to dance for sure! “For me, it’s customary to dance in the rain. I mean if you haven’t danced in the rain then what have you done in life ? I think for me, the ideal rain dance partner would be Shah Rukh Khan. I would like to do the scene between him and Madhuri Dixit from Dil toh pagal hain. But I think I am the Kajol from DDLJ dancing in the rain with my mother and dreaming about SRK,” she laughs.

The actor also loves to listen to music during the rains. “Some songs are simply meant to be heard during the monsoon. They’re exclusive to monsoon as if they were composed for the season only. My favorites are Rim jhim ghirey saawan , Pyaar hua ikraar hua, Roop tera mastana and many more. I sound like a romantic freak right now but believe me, there is just something about monsoon,” she says.