Hina Khan attends a special event to support cancer patients!

Actress Hina Khan attended an event by Tata Memorial Hospital . Hina was spotted interacting with kids who are suffering from cancer and to support the cause for free education.

She later posted a heart warming post on a social media to express her feelings and wrote: “You can’t touch it, hold it or buy it, you can only ..feel ..courage! And the sheer courage of these lovely souls taught me and inspired me today that even when life gives you a ‘due date’ you can always choose to make it beautiful with ‘Hope’. Life doesn’t have to be mundane for anyone no matter how ordinary we feel our journey, role or existence is , life is special as long as life ‘Is’. They taught me that marvel exists through simplicity. They taught me today to find colour even when your eyes are closed just like we dream, after all a little bit of dream is all we need. As a celebrity if contributing a few hours of our lives to interact with them can help motivate them fight harder there can be no better use of it, it gives them Hope that they can do the impossible and reach the other side as a fighter. #BackToSchool#InspiringFightersNotCancerPatient.#BeautifulSouls Thank you #Dr. Shripad D. Banavali (HOD) and #TataMemorialHospitalfor giving me this opportunity and connect with these angels..”