Holiday Mania For Ssharad Malhotra

Actor Sharad Malhotra is back from a relaxing solo trip. The actor visited Romania and had an amazing time there. “I was contemplating between Europe and south-east Asia but then after the coronavirus epidemic broke out, I decided that Romania would be ideal for some me time and a solo trip that was long due,” he says.

Talking about the trip, he says, “I visited the capital, called Bucharest and then this very picturesque and beautiful town called Brasov. Walking on the streets and clicking pictures of some historical monuments and trying out some local cuisine were my favorite things to do on my trip. I loved the museums, art galleries, street-side cafes, pubs…there was so much to do at Bucharest.”

Sharad loved the natives there as well. “Considering the temperature had dipped to -5°c, the Romanians were still very hospitable and warm people. I made some local friends too and it was such an enriching and endearing experience to understand and see the local Romanian culture,” he says.

In fact, the actor got a special photoshoot done as well. “Fortunately, I also connected with one of their amazingly talented photographers and we spontaneously managed to get a photoshoot in no time. It was super fun shooting in freezing temperatures something I hadn’t experienced earlier and it was an adrenaline rush all the way through. The pics look great and they’ll be out soon,” he says.

Ask him what are the top 5 things do in Romania, and he says, “Visit the old town in Bucharest. Make sure to see the museum and art galleries that say volumes about the history and culture. Visit Brasov. Visit Bran (The famous Bram stoker’s Dracula’s castle) and Visit Poiana for skiing.”