How To Fake Full Makeup In Just 5 Minutes!
How To Fake Full Makeup In Just 5 Minutes!

How To Fake Full Makeup In Just 5 Minutes!

How To Fake Full Makeup In Just 5 Minutes!

We give you a few secrets on how to fake full makeup in 5 minutes without looking like you’re wearing too much makeup, of course. Go on and snooze for a bit longer!

1 – Fake A Flawless Complexion

A great BB cream is the solution to all your problems, especially when you need a pick-me-up for dull, tired-looking skin. It helps to lighten the spots and flaws, bringing an instant radiance that will last you all day long. It covers all your SPF needs as well.

2 – Bring On That Rosy Glow

A hint of colour to your cheeks is a must for a healthy-looking flush. Smile as wide as you can and sweep on your blush across the apples of your cheeks, upwards in the direction of your hairline for an attractive, rosy finish.

3 – Make Your Eyes Pop

Adding some magic to our Eyes is a must. If you’re pressed for time, a few swipes of mascara is enough to define your eyes. But if you have to line your eyes then a soft, easy-to-glide-on eye pencil works well. Sweep on a skin-coloured eyeshadow if you’re looking for a subtle but polished look. Otherwise, shades of blue and gold look fabulous on Indian skin tones – blend in a darker shade of the colour towards your outer corners for a quick, smoky effect.

4 – Enhance Those Cheekbones

Just use the same BB cream but in a darker shade along or just below your cheekbones, in the direction of your hairline. Blend, blend and blend some more, and say hello to super-model-esque cheekbones.

5 – Finish With A Gorgeous Pucker

Shiny lip-gloss is the easiest way to fake, fuller lips, thanks to its light-reflecting ability. Add a bit extra on the centre of your lips to make your pout look extra soft and plump. Get ready to kiss frenzied mornings goodbye!