I am enjoying every gag of mine in Apna News Ayega: Rajesh Kumar

There is a new show on air now that is grabbing everyone’s attention. Titled Apna News Ayega, this show gives everyone an extra dose of laughter with featured gags and spoofs interspersed with news, hot trending topics and imitations of all our favourite Bollywood stars and social celebrities. Actor Rajesh Kumar is seen in this show doing a lot of acts with gags. Speaking about his role in the show Rajesh says,” I have played a variety of characters here. For the first time ever I played Rishi Kapoor, Mukesh Ambani and a Foreigner! All of them have very different personalities and the unique thing about these kind of gags is that in 2 minutes you have to tell the whole story. It needs to be full of humor, sarcasm and sattire without hurting any sentiments. I am very bad at mimicking but still tried Rishi ji and Arjun Kapoor. Though I don’t look like Arjun, I still had to do it! But that is the fun of acting — you have to learn, be in the character , perform and make people laugh. It is indeed challenging. There is not one fixed character in Apna News Ayega. It is a bouquet of characters I am supposed to play. So it depends on the script and the content. I am enjoying every gag of mine.”

How different is shooting gags which are of short duration compared to TV soap or films? Rajesh adds,”Compared to TV soaps and films, gags are in a very different space. The attention span has gone down and you only have 30 seconds or a minute to get someone hooked on to your show. They want to know the whole story quickly because they are flipping and changing channels and also moving from Instagram to Whatsapp to Snapchat! Today it has become challenging to keep someone’s attention even for two minutes. World-wide the market has grown, viewers have grown and everyone is carrying a mobile these days. You have a wide variety of audience to cater to today. It’s challenging to keep them engaged and longing for more. So these gags are definitely a good challenge that I have taken up.”