I have a very strong bond with dance and music: Yesha Rughani

Actress Yesha Rughani who is playing the title role of Muskaan is a big fan of dance and music. Recently she shot for the Dhunuchi Dance (a special traditional dance performed during Durga Puja) and did a fabulous job.

Speaking about the whole experience Yesha tells, ”I have a very strong bond with dance and music. Whenever I listen to any music I start dancing from inside. My whole body language also changes. I groove to music by default. I am a trained Kathak dancer. When I was asked to perform the traditional Dhunuchi dance of Bengal, I was so excited. I had seen this kind of dance style and I feel as an actor I consider myself lucky that I got to perform it. There is so many avenues to explore as an actor. I remember when I saw Devdas and the dance sequence by Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai, I wanted to dance like Paro and Chandramukhi. Now this dream came true. Both Ssharad Malhotra and I rehearsed for half an hour on the set and then performed. The music was so empowering and performing in front of Devi Maa gives you a different feeling. You get the passion and power from within. I went back to my old days. Since childhood, I used to dance in front of Devi Maa during Navraatri. When the music started the whole atmosphere was so vibrating that everything fell in place.”