I have always been fascinated with music: Ssharad Malhotra 

Popular actor Ssharad Malhotra is hooked to music specially his guitar. We can often see him playing and practising guitar whenever he gets free time.

You ask him and Ssharad will speak about his love for music enthusiastically. “I am always been fascinated with music specially drums and guitar. I have got a drum set years back from someone but I could not pursue it. Just couple of months back I went to a music shop and randomly purchased a beautiful black guitar. And luckily found a very good teacher who agrees to teach me guitar according to my timetable. Whenever the guitar session starts I just forget everything and music transports me to a beautiful musical world. Music calms me down, it’s a food for love. It relaxes me. Good music can transform anybody, music is the biggest healer. Music made me a better person today. I have started to become compassionate towards people. I have posted few of my playing sessions in social networking sites and have got a very warm reaponse. Because I believe when you play music you share and spread happniess. The process makes me happy as well

Well, everyone has a lovable hobby, isn’t it?