“I’m not a fitness freak, I’m a fitness lover,” Says Comedian Balraj

-By Smritika Srivastava.

Anchor-and-stand up comedian Balraj, who is known for his stint in shows like, Comedy Circus, Comedy Nights Bachao, Entertainment Ki Raat and so on. He talk length with us about his fitness regime and how to maintain the body fit and healthy.

Balraj who is very particular about his health and always follow his own mantra to stay fit in his lifestyle. He believes in to stick to your own culture, follow our own tradition to stay fit and healthy. Balraj says; “Don’t go crazy for dieting, always eat good, healthy and balance diet. Eat colorful food which will give you nutritions and try to spend your sometime in gym or do running. “

According to Balraj,  this is the mantra which apply on your health as well as your life!

“Virat Kohli is my fitness idol and when it’s come to our industry, Akshay sir inspired me a lot, his workout regime and fitness schedule is the most inspirational thing one should follow in their life, “ Balraj added further.

As we know that actors life is not an easy task and they have long and erratic shooting schedules. To take out some times for their body is quite difficult for them. Balraj doesn’t believe in compromising with his fitness, so whenever he got break from his shoots, the actor has downloaded an app from where he perform intense functional cardio training to keep himself fit and in routine.

“And not only this, healthy food is the most important and necessary part of your fitness, as whatever workout a person can do but if he don’t eat good and nutrition food, your entire workout will get waste. “

Balraj secret for his perfect and healthy fitness as the actor doesn’t eat junk food, he always prefer to have home-made food and he is enthusiastic for his healthy and tasty food mantra, to stay fit.

“I’m not a fitness freak, I’m a fitness lover.” Balraj believe that one should always love their body and do whatever is best for their body. “People should love what they are doing, and if you love your own fitness regime, you will never freak out with your fitness, you will just love and that’s make you a fitness lover.”