Imran Hashmi tired of kissing in movies

Imran Hashmi tired of kissing in movies

Emran Hashmi tired of kissing in movies

Serial kisser of Bollywood Emran Hashmi who has kissed 29 heroines onscreen and now he has finally given up. Emran said in an interview that “I’m sick and tired of it but the audience and my makers don’t seem to think so. I’ll be more than happy if I’m not doing it in the film. But nobody lets me be. (smiles) Life is so tough. I have to do these things to please my producers, the audience and the director. But it finds its way in every film. And it’s always there”. The old serial kisser may be sick of kissing but the new bad boy in the industry Ranveer Singh who always grabs the eye balls with his Badmashi and witty comments feels that his and Deepika Padukone’s kiss in the upcoming movie Ram leela will be the best kiss in the Indian Cinema..
Since the trailer of Ram Leela has released, audience is spellbound seeing Ranveer Singh and Deepika’s chemistry and of course buzz is around that they are dating, well we can say there is no smoke without fire. We are sure something is cooking. Ranveer is making very confident statements about his love life these days.
There is always a replacement in the Bollywood Industry. Emran Hashmi who got fame with his first Film Murder and keep on kissing in his films is bored now, Ranveer Singh is now ready to do little more Badmashi…
Lets see how much kissing scenes work to get success in Bollywood and helps to stay for long!!!