Independence Day Memories! Shashank Vyas, Krystle D’Souza, Shivin Narang and Arjun Bijlani go nostalgic

71st Independence Day Memories..!

Shashank Vyas– Most memorable one was in school when we used to go for flag hoisting on 15th August. Independence Day means getting our mind and soul free from negative thoughts. Presenting yourself as you are and not pretending. Also one should get themselves free from orthodox rules made by society.

Dayanand Shetty – I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Independence Day. The day holds great importance for our country as we remember all the struggles put forth by our great freedom fighters. I get overwhelmed every time I see the Indian flag flying or hear patriotic songs. On this day, I would like to urge all my viewers to do their bit for the country and help make India a great place to live.

Krystle D’Souza  -I have very fond memories of Independence Day. In my school days I remember as kids we had to assemble in our school for the flag hoisting. All of us would get a little paper badge that we proudly pin up to our uniforms. We would also sing the national anthem and salute our freedom fighters.

Shivin Narang – I guess every 15th August is memorable for me. As a Delhite I remember me my family and friends everyone used to be on terrace flying kites. especially tri color kites. You can actually only see tri color kites on sky that day (smiles). It’s a proud feeling to see our flag up high. We also used to play, dance, eat and make merry.

Arjun Bijlani– My most memory Independence day was in school when I was in the 10th standard because that was the last time when we got together in the school uniform with all school friends to do the Independence day celebrations. We use to do flag hoisting and sing the national anthem .I miss those pure and memorable times.

Faisal Khan – I am always very excited to celebrate Independence Day. Every year I make it a point to attend the flag hoisting at my school and excitedly pin small paper flag to my shirt. This year too, I will be following the same.