#InPics: Mrunal Jain and Kunal Thakkur’s Tennis Premier League’s talent hunt day!

Actor Mrunal Jain and Kunal Thakkur are devoting their time and energy on the Tennis Premiere league which has become a talking point among the TV fraternity. To promote Tennis as a sport is a very noble cause. The talent hunt day got an overwhelming response on Sunday.

Aishwariya Sakhuja and Niti Taylor represent two different teams interacted with everyone in spite of heat.

Other actors who graced the occasion included Aanand Goradiya, Sneha Wagh, Prerna Wanwari, Arun Mandola, Himanshu Malhotra and Heital Puniwala.

Kunal Thakkur and Mrunal Jain attended all the guests personally and sincerity was flowing in their attitude besides the love for the sports. Sneha Wagh and Aishwarya Sakuja added to the glamour quotient of the event. Prerna Wanwari came specifically to support her friend Kunal Thakkur Aanand Goradiya was seen chatting animatedly with Mrunal and Sneha Wagh.

Kunal Thakkur says, “It was great to see people of all ages coming from all over India to participate in the league. There were more than 350 participants who had come to just impress the mentors and celebrities so that they get selected to play in the league.

Mrunal Jain adds, “It was nice on the part of Sneha Wagh, Prerna Wanwari, Aanand Goradiya, Arun Mandola, Heital Puniwala and Himanshu Malhotra to come and grace the special occasion. Tennis is one sport which surely needs more and more support.