Inspiration Come In All Shapes And Sizes: Vahbiz Dorabjee On Body-Positivism

It’s taken years of body shaming and nasty remarks, for actress Vahbiz Dorabjee to muster up the confidence to be comfortable in her skin and her shape. Vahbiz’s posts on her social media handle are proof of what an inspiration and voice the actress has been for curvy women across the world.

During an interaction with Bombay Times Vahbiz shares her journey of acceptance and self-love. She said, “I have accepted the fact that everyone can’t have a thin bone structure and I am a well-endowed woman. But not all women will have the strength to fight back. I know it is important to be fit, but sometimes, your metabolism does not respond the way you want it to. I hit the gym daily, but at the end of the day, I will look a certain way and today, I am happy about it.”

However, the change didn’t come overnight. In the same interview, Vahbiz shared her ordeals of the past saying, “A few years ago I gained weight due to a health condition. When I went for auditions, the makers would tell me that I needed to lose weight. Whenever I wore swimsuits, I was told I had thunder thighs and so should avoid one. If you are plump people call you names, which can be demotivating. I’ve broken down many times and lost my confidence.”

Recently a picture of Vahbiz in a swimsuit, posted by her on her Instagram with Marilyn Monroe’s quote had women reaching out to the actress and sharing their experiences. Cheers to the actress for being such an inspiration in a world that is obsessed with unrealistic perfection.