Interesting Facts about Natsamrat!!..
Interesting Facts about Natsamrat!!..

Interesting Facts about Natsamrat!!..

Interesting Facts about Natsamrat!!..

A man whose versatility has worked wonders for Indian Cinema who gave us back-to-back flawless films and who has done justice with every film he did. One of the most brilliant actors that our Bollywood industry has ever produced is Nana Patekar. 

For him, Cinema is not a tool to earn money but, an art form that he has mastered in. From giving us films like Krantiveer to entertaining us in films like Welcome, Nana Patekar has ensured he put a ding to the universe. Though his journey hasn’t been a glorious one but his progress from being a zero to a hero is an inspirational one. He is a star but,  for a handful of farmers, he’s GOD. He’s nothing less than an angel sent in disguise of god.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about ‘The Nana Patekar’


  • Nana Patekar lived with his mother in a 1BHK falt even though when he could easily afford a luxurious house for his family.  When the rest of Bollywood is busy buying sprawling property across the country, Nana believes in living life simple. He is still staying in a 750 sq.ft. house he bought for 1.1 Lakh Rs.



  • He gave 15,000 rupees to every family of 62 groups of farmers who had committed suicide in the Marathwada region. While everyone was merely sympathizing the poor souls, Nana took responsibility to alleviate the circumstances of these farmers. That may seem like a small amount to you, but the fact that someone is stepping ahead and giving away whatever little that he has, makes Nana Patekar a rich man.



  • This man was the first actor to have demanded 1 Crore for a film. The background is, Nana had grown convincingly powerful with the kind of roles he picked and the faultless acting he delivered, that director were completely going gaga over him any were ready to offer him the said amount.



  • His father was duped of a lot of money which dropped them further from being middle-class to lower class. He started taking up these jobs to help his family meet basic ends. Nana did not born with a silver spoon. The position he enjoys now if the fruit of his sheer commitment and hard work. He had to support his family also. So, when he came to Mumbai he did odd jobs like painting zebra crossing in the streets to earn living.  He use to paint movie posters and earn a monthly salary of Rs. 35/-



  • Nana Patekar went under strict Army training for 3 years to perfect his role in the movie Prahaar. And he was STELLAR in the film. He holds the rank of ‘Captain’ in the army.



  • “Marte dum tak ab jeene ki wajah mil gayi hai” he said this in an interview when he was asked about his interest in Farmers and helping them get over this crisis.