Ira Sone and her struggle with POF

Actor Ira Sone is not one to let anything deter her in life. The actor was diagnosed with POF (Premature Ovarian Failure, a syndrome which makes women hit menopause early. However, she overcame it with the right lifestyle. “POF is a non reversible syndrome but with diet and fitness, it can be controlled and delayed. POF ( premature ovarian failure ) is a syndrome where women hit menopause in their 30’s. Thankfully, my reports are showing slow but steady improvement. As per the data, only 1% of the women have this syndrome hence the knowledge is minimal and so there’s a complication in treatment,” she says.

Ask her how she manages to stay calm through all this, and she says, “I used to be constantly anxious and worried about what next and how life will unfold. But now, thanks to my team (doctor and dietitian), life is good. I do have stressful days but I am determined to live a fuller life and enjoy every moment of it.

She adds, “I follow a diet prescribed by my dietitian Jaydeep Bhuta. It’s a personalised diet based on my detailed test reports. Diet is not about just what you eat but having an understanding of what it does to your body. That’s when it gets easy to stay on a diet.

This journey has taught her a lot, says Ira. “I learnt a lot. The biggest lesson was how to be aware. I’m constantly aware of how I’m feeling. I learnt what’s best for my mind and body,” she adds.

Ask her what she would like to say to anyone suffering from POF, and she says, “The only advice I have for anyone who suffers from POF syndrome is to reboot your lifestyle and stay strong. With healthy living and eating, you will definitely be able to enjoy a fuller life. Don’t let moods pull you down.