Ira Sone makes a comeback with Girl Talk as Ira!

Ira Sone who was on long hiatus courtesy health reasons is back to doing what she loves the most i.e. acting. She would be seen in short film of the Girl Talk series and her character name is same as her real name Ira.

She says, “Girl talk is special in so many ways to me as it’s my first project and a comeback and I couldn’t have ask for a better team to work with. Aneeta Patel (the woman who wears many hats) wrote the character keeping me in mind and yes I’m playing “Ira” in the show. I’ve just shot for a day with them so far but both the girls, Rishina and Shweta Rohira are very chilled out and fabulous actors. This is by far the only character where I get to play and be myself on the set. I’m looking forward to doing more work which revolves around real time #girltalk And narrate a modern woman’s story”. Director Aneeta Patel says, ” Ira is full of life. She is sexy and witty. I met her briefly and she was perfect for the girl I was looking for. Shweta, Ira, Rishina are all from different planets with different energies. To have them in one frame and watch them do what they do best is what Girl Talk is all about. On set we are racing against time to get things done. But in the breaks we are a house on fire. I’m super excited to shoot with them soon again”. Well Ira wherever you go you win hearts!