Ira Sone: My journey has been full of ups and downs

Actor Ira Sone, who has been part of shows such as Saath Nibhaana Saathiya and Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat, says that while she has faced challenges in her journey, she doesn’t regret anything. The actor, who was last seen in the show Desh Ki Beti Nandini, adds that she has been lucky to have got to do so many different kinds of shows. “My career, honestly, has been full of ups and downs. At one point, I was doing 2 shows and then suddenly I took a big break of 4 years. But I can’t complain because it was never a race for me. In fact, I’m lucky to have done some really strong roles and many shades as a vamp,” she says.

Talking about the kind of roles that she wants to play, she says, “I’d love to do a biopic. Playing a real-life hero will be amazing because I feel like narrating someone’s story will be challenging and exciting for me. I would also love to be part of a web series

Ask her if she prefers playing a negative or a positive role, and she says, “Positive or negative has never a barrier for me. The character and the intention of the character need to be positive or negative and that should be clear. That’s all that matters to me so I can set the range or tone of the character. I don’t mind doing both.

Meanwhile, the actor says that the industry has changed over the years. “The only change I find in the industry over the years is this social media madness. The millennial way of posting and being out there all the time is sometimes exhausting to me,” she says.